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King Judah Zechariah Ben Israel (Terry Nelson)

September 28, 1967 ~ September 10, 2020 (age 52)

Judah’s Life

This is a short story of a man, Judah Zechariah Ben Israel—born Terry Nelson— whom lived in special favor of The God of Israel.

Having been raised in Louisiana during his early years, Judah’s childhood existed in the same manner as other children—fun, free, and filled with naïve dares to dream. However, Judah was slightly different than other children for The God of Israel had a special purpose for the life before him.

After a few chance hiccups in his childhood, it was evident that Judah’s spirit was unlike many... he was outspoken; he was unwavering; he stood for the right thing; and he was fearless—all traits that the Most High God instilled in his spirit to later show his favor to him in due time. The Lord guided Judah’s path to move to California to where he attended Van Nuys High School. There, he stood strong against much tribulation with prejudiced staff and peers while standing up for those whom were mocked of themselves. His indifference to social status allowed him to bridge the gaps between many social groups and bring people together. The Most High saw favor in Judah’s endeavor to invoke change and blessed him with the love of a girl who would later become his wife and soul mate, Esther Zebulon Baht Israel, born Claudia Palacios.

The man and woman endured much hardship in their early years, to which the Most High God guided them and allowed them to learn adulthood together. In time, the God of Israel blessed them with four wonderful sons with whom they learned parenthood: Izrahiah Nethaniah Judah Israel (born Terrance Nelson); Habakkuk Azariah Ben Israel (born Robert Nelson); Luke Judah Ben Israel (born Devon Nelson) and Tirhanah Judah Ben Israel (born Tervon Nelson). Though not having known the true commandments of the Most High God, at the time, Judah always carried his faith that the Most High God would continue to guide him and his family, un-feared of the unknown.

Through much tribulation and turmoil, Judah endured and encouraged his family along the way. In this, the Most High God continued his favor in Judah and blessed his path through wisdom and knowledge of his truth.  He began to show Judah the deeper meanings and understandings of his parables, laws, and scriptures. Enthralled and excited, Judah spent every moment of his repenting life learning, teaching and living according to The Most High’s commandments. Through his passion of the laws, the Most High God continued his favor in Judah by blessing his wife with meekness and humility to understand. Their spirits now justly entwined in truth, the head and the rib continued their endurance after the ways of Christ and they loved him (John 14:15). For their love of his only begotten son, The Most High God showed favor with them by blessing also each one of their sons with a deeper understanding of his parables, his laws, and his scriptures.

Even more trying times befell the family and even more united and endured in spirit they’d become. Judah faced much mockery of the truth by many a hearer. Yet in time, the God of Israel blessed Judah and Esther with another son. Though not quite their son born through carnal means, Manoah Ben Israel, born LaShawn DeGuzman, became their son and brother embraced from the same spirit (Matthew 12:49-50)—a testament to the Most High God and his glory for leadership and counselor role he allowed Judah to have for many a young brother.

Having moved back to Louisiana and being blessed of the Most High God, Judah modeled his life after the path that Christ laid before us—keeping the commandments and encouraging our people to follow after Christ. He fought the good fight on behalf of his people and relinquished the desires of this world in favor of gathering his nation together for the true Kingdom of Christ (Isaiah 45:17).

For this passion and unconditional love he had for his people, the Most High God, again, saw favor in Judah and blessed him with rest… feeling no pain; no longer enduing tribulation; and suffering no more mockery… for he was both loved by some and hated by others for the one, true Christ’s namesake (Mark 13:13).

Judah wasn’t always dealt the best hand when it came to inheriting the luxuries of this world.
Yet, The Most High God blessed him with things far greater than any riches this world could offer—a righteous spirit, wisdom of the scriptures, and a loving family. Judah was a passionate man that had a tendency to break the stereotype laid before our people and invoke positive spiritual change.

Though the dust of your body shall return to the earth and your spirit shall return to the Lord who gave it, those who loved you will grieve and lament your passing… yet, we will rejoice in the comfort knowing that one of the Lord’s greatest works will receive his crown.

Much like the prophet Paul, we will follow you as you followed Christ… and we will continue to love you and honor you by loving and honoring Christ first.

Rest easy, King Judah. Lord’s will, we will still be rejoined soon…

Judah was preceded in death by his brothers Patrick Nelson and Robert Nelson.

Judah is survived by his wife Esther Zebulon Baht Israel; his sons, Izrahiah Nethaniah Judah Israel, Habakkuk Azariah Ben Israel, Luke Judah Ben Israel, Tirhanah Judah Ben Israel, and Manoah Ben Israel; his father, Jesse D. Nelson; his mother, Lettice Hearn; stepfather John H. Hearn; his “Pops” Jerry Wilson; his siblings from Louisiana, Barbara and John Gibson, Corey Chambers, LaTonya Hearn, and Kay Manning; his siblings from Texas, LaShonda Nelson, Yolanda and Kenneth Williams, Christopher and Angela Sanderson; his siblings from the West Coast, Jerome Wilson and Pamela Roberts; his aunts MaryAnn Cooper and Evelyn Harris; his uncles Elmo Nelson, Tyrone Chambers, Bobby Chambers, and Flynn Chambers; and a host of uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, and cousins, and in-laws.

 Service Information

September 17, 2020

5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
McFarland Funeral Companies
1901 Burg Jones Lane
Monroe, LA 71202

Graveside Service
September 18, 2020

1:00 PM
Plum Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
1265 Plum Hill Road
Eros, LA 71238

September 18, 2020

Plum Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
1265 Plum Hill Road
Eros, LA 71238

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